About me

111111Way back in my childhood, horses have become part of my life and today it is my profession. I have been in equestrian sports since I was 10. Every summer I spent my time in the countryside. Here it was my first exposure to these beautiful creatures. When I was a small girl, I came to the paddock and was watching the grazing horses for hours on end. I always took some apples and carrots to feed them up at any possible moment.

My first competition to take part in was in Donetsk, “Lokomotiv” horse riding school. I was 13 and I clearly remember that I was extremely worried about the results. However my first coach Viktor Sviderskyi was absolutely calm. He was sure of our success even without a shadow of a doubt. And though it was a domestic competition, without any prize money and medals, it was exactly that win, which started the ball rolling. It is worthy of note that I started as a jumping rider.

The result is not luck, but is a hard every day work. Then there followed regional and All-Ukrainian competitions. I had to set balance between school and intensive trainings. Sometimes I had to spend all days with horses. I even missed my prom because of Ukrainian Championship.

One of the most important rules is that there are no high hurdles. Together with jumping I began to master dressage. I always liked to watch the trainings in our stable and while watching I thought that I can do the same. But I personally did not get the results immediately, as dressage of a horse is not a quick thing to do.

Today, I am international master of sport in dressage. Persistence, strong wish and constant work have born fruits. My coach today is Sjef Janssen. This person made lots of athletes to achieve success and now they are the winners of the Olympic Games, European and World Championships. I am very glad to have the opportunity to learn in his dressage horse riding school. My trainings take place in «Anky Education Center» horse riding club, in Dutch village Erp. This is a real centre for professional world-class dressage, where you can meet plenty of prominent athletes. For me it’s a huge experience and profound knowledge that is impossible to acquire somewhere else.

The main constituents of win are hard work, emotional control and discipline. To control emotions and to be disciplined is of paramount importance for an athlete. Discipline helps to stick to tough schedules, not to repine at unhappy lot when it is necessary to give up on something.

Must for a rider is to love and understand a horse as it is the main team-mate, assistant and friend!

Логутенкова-ИннаMy first significant victories were in 2006, in Dnipropetrovsk and Sumy, in the juniors and young riders Championship of Ukraine. At that time I was together with my coach Natalia Hutsu at the training centre of Yuriy Oleksandrovych Kovshov, Olympic champion, honored master of sport. There I had an opportunity to observe his work and trainings and also got a lot of new and interesting things about dressage.

Where there is aim, there is luck. Of course, I wanted to take part in competitions, show good scores and put on good performances. However I had scarce experience and for achieving high results I needed a well-trained horse. I had a stroke of luck! My coach provided me with the chance to train with a big tour horse named Zaton. Thanks to them I managed to win in the juniors and young riders Championship of Ukraine and to get master of sport.

At the right time and place one more important event happened to me – that was my trip to Germany. There I was trained by Klymko Olha Oleksandrivna, international master of sport. It was amazing experience and I was so excited. Everything was different – horses, looking after them, riding manner especially, elegant seat, well-trained horses. Well, to put it briefly – German riding school. I liked my trainings very much and I played my heart out. Olha Oleksandrivna believed in me and I was recommended to VIAN GROUP company, which signed a contract with a legendary Anky Van Grunsven on the trainings of promising Ukrainian riders. It was a passport to get my career in dressage to a new level and I have got a chance to make the grade in the professional sports.